After having to reschedule multiple times due to COVID, Brittany and Michael were finally able to celebrate their LOVE (and I was able to finally meet them!) 

I am so happy that they decided to move forward with their lives and ended up having a ceremony and a beautiful baby girl before they were able to celebrate with their family and friends. 

The farmhouse was beautiful, the weather was awesome , and Annie was cute as button- what a perfect day! 

Brittany’s flawless dress was one I will remember, with her hair perfectly tied up with the most delicate flowers.

The food and drinks from Jeffrey A. Miller Catering were so


Everybody was a barrel of laughs from the couples portraits, through the groom’s speech all the way to the end

at the intimate bonfire. 

I am so happy Brittany and Michael finally got to have their very special day, and make so many memories to share with the generations to come! 

Brittany & Michael's

Farmhouse Reception Highlight Film