Amanda & Mark

Meeting Amanda and Mark for the first time was very exciting. Mainly because we had to reschedule the shoot a few times due to mother nature’s plans, but mostly because I knew they were bringing their dog (Mason) with them! 

We started out at their first apartment together, and you could just feel the nostalgia in the air.

While living in the historic part of Philadelphia, Amanda and Mark were creating their own special history, one for the books, one that they will tell for generations to come. 

So much love happened here, even Mason remembered it,

and he could not contain his delight! 

Walking through the narrow cobblestone streets to each beautiful location,
we had the opportunity to talk about Amanda and Mark’s story.

A modern day love story leading to an engagement which had Mason in the starring role!

We decided to end our shoot at the Pier.

This is the place they used to walk to many times during the COVID pandemic to be able to get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air. 

I couldn’t help but think how lucky Mason was to have such loving parents to take him on these adventures!

When we arrived at the pier and saw the view, it was clear why Mother Nature wanted us to come on this day.

It was gorgeous.

Blue skies, meeting Crisp blue waters, dusted with a majestic blue bridge.

A picturesque ending to the shoot. 

I loved getting to know Amanda & Mark better,

and I am looking forward to documenting their big day!

Congratulations to a beautiful couple and one lucky dog!