Charlett & Paul got married in their recently purchased home, a place where they would make a lifetime of memories-

Starting with the most special one of all

Charlett's dress was INCREDIBLE- sparkles from head to toe in a romantic dust hue

She truly looked STUNNING walking down the aisle with her Father.....

......there was not a dry eye in sight

The ceremony was a perfect mixture of sweet and funny with the bride & groom's best friend officiating

and lighting everyone up

The lavender tossing entrance was super fun and had everyone smelling SO good!

Charlett & Paul chose some stunning reception decor with the star being the GORGEOUS flower ceiling fixture

...and the way it illuminated when the sun began to set- perfection

The dances were really special & intimate

and the music choices were *CHEF'S KISS*

The grounds of their property made for the perfect setting for Bride & Groom portraits

It felt like a SECRET GARDEN

I really enjoyed myself with Charlett & Paul's family and friends

I was laughing all day long!

Congratulations Charlett & Paul!