I first met Alyssa and Joe during their Love Story video shoot

Capturing young love is always so special, honest and pure.

But what struck me more than anything was the overwhelming knowing that they are without a doubt

soul mates

The way they looked at each other, like they knew the deepest parts of one another, was inspiring.

even though it is young love,

it is the kind of love we should all aspire to have.

They had their wedding at the PineCrest country club which is one of my favorite venues!

The details of the day were thought out with so much care.

From the cake topper to the polaroid camera for the guests to capture the day!

The quite moments before the ceremony were so beautiful - Alyssa could feel how important this moment was and took the time to appreciate every second.

Joe waited patiently for his bride, sitting peacefully and going over his vows.

The day was a perfect representation of what marriage is all about....

Celebrating a beautiful love story

Happy Anniversary Alyssa & Joe!

Alyssa & Joe's Love Story Video: