I met Katie at her grandmother’s home where her and her bridesmaids got ready for the big day.

A home that looks like a time machine as soon as you enter.

You can feel the vintage vibes, but you can mostly feel how many memories took place there and how much love has been shared over the years. 

It was a fitting place to get ready to marry the man she has known since middle school. 

She got into her dress in the same room her mother

got ready for her own wedding in.

Her mother helping to make sure she looked perfect,

using vintage scissors to cut tags off of her dress, 

while grandma looked on, reminiscing.

Katie is a spitting image of her grandma who both have beautiful signature red hair, and both sharing a very calming and welcoming energy. 

While the temperature rose well into the 90’s, the groomsmen waited at the alter in their sharp dark blue suits eagerly awaiting the bride. 

It was worth the wait for everyone as soon as Katie began to walk down the aisle, but especially for Mitch.

He was in awe, and was written all over his face.

The reception was elegant and classic with

pure whites, rich blues, and sprinkles of dusty green. 

The guests took advantage of the refreshing pool by putting their feet in and some even went for a swim, while DJ Maggie Mayy entertained everyone with her vibrant and fun music.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!